Edition of Pedro de Cristo’s “Ai mi Dios”

I have recently published in my Humanities Commons profile page a edition I made of Portuguese composer Pedro de Cristo’s (c.1550-1618) villancico Ai mi Dios for Christmas. Pedro de Cristo was an Augustine friar in the monasteries of Santa Cruz of Coimbra and São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon.

He was chapelmaster at Coimbra monastery, and it is from this monastery’s musical sources that the villancico comes from. It is extant in choirbook P-Cug MM 36, together with another well-known villancico, Es nasçido. This edition is freely-available and cab be downloaded HERE.

The two recordings included in this post represent the two interpretative views towards this villancico: one more “classically” vocally-oriented, here performed by Lisbon vocal group Ensemble Peregrinação, directed by Terezita Gutierrez Marques (with whom I made a choral direction workshop about 15 years ago), which explore the whole texture as a full choral piece.

On the other  hand, the second video by La Compañia explores an instrumentally-oriented interpretation of the piece.