VI Cistercian Residency S. Bento de Cástris

I’ll be participating in the VI Cistercian Residency at the Monastery of S. Bento de Cástris in Évora next September 21-22. This year’s edition is dedicated to the various dimensions of the monastic-conventual heritage.

There will be three panel-sessions dedicated to architecture and the uses of the monastery of S. Bento de Cástris and I organized and am chairing the panel-session “From the Manuscript to the Concert: The Uses of Monastic-Conventual Musical Heritage”. We will have interventions of researchers Sílvia Sequeira (National Library), Isabel Monteiro (IL DOLCIMELO musical group), Edward Luiz Ayres d’Abreu (president of MPMP) and António Louro Alves (president of Coral Évora).

More info on the program and inscriptions HERE