Art & Heritage Meeting in S. Jorge Island

Next weekend (11-12 May) I will be at S. Jorge Island, in the Azores archipelago, for the fourth edition of the Meeting “Art & Heritage”, organised by the ACROARTE conservation and restoration atelier, in collaboration with the ecclesiastical Ouvidoria of the island.

Most of my work here, as part of the organising committee, is to moderate the two sessions of papers that will be presented during the Saturday afternoon. There are seven papers, mostly focusing the Art History in the Azorean archipelago, with themes varying from the security, emergency against fire, flooding and other catastrophes in museum spaces, to the Baroque portuguese altarpieces, conservation and restoration interventions and the modern uses of conventual spaces.

There will also be a organ recital in the Church Matriz of Santa Catarina, Calheta, by the Portugueses organist and good friend José Carlos Araújo, with a programme ranging from Domenico Cimarosa, Carlos Seixas and other eighteenth-century Portuguese composers.

Video from the cello&organ recital from the 2018 edition: