Edition of Francesco Soriano’s Magnificat Primi Toni

It has now been published in the repository, through the Canto Mensurable editions the Magnificat Primi Toni (odd verses) by the sixteenth-century Italian composer Francesco Soriano, which is freely available for download in digital format.

The name of the Italian composer Francesco Soriano has been always present in my mind as he is best known: a follower and imitator of Palestrina’s polyphonic style and one of the revisers of the Counter-Reformation plainchant. But in the last years, work has led me to look with another detail at Soriano’s work. This Magnificat is part of a collection of music he published in 1619, comprising the Passions for Holy Week, Sequences and responsories for the officium defunctorum, and sixteen Magnificat settings. A more detailed text I published in the Canto Mensurable blog about this work can be found here


Francesco Soriano

Magnificat Primi Toni [odd verses]

Évora: Canto Mensurable editions, 2021


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